Cholesterol Reducers from your kitchen

Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance found in all cells of the body. Cholesterol is essential in the production of hormones, vitamin D and it also helps in digestion. The cholesterol required by the body is produced in the body itself. High blood cholesterol is a condition where there is excess cholesterol in the blood. This can happen because some of the foods that we take also contains cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol – good and bad. Good cholesterol is healthy for the body, the bad cholesterol can lead to build ups in the arteries do have a heart. To avoid risks associated with high blood cholesterol levels, we need to focus on reducing the intake of foods that contain bad cholesterol and increase the consumption of foods that contain good cholesterol.

High fiber foods such as oats can lower bad cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish is a very good option for people with high cholesterol; it is recommended to have two servings of fatty fish per week to lower heart disease risk. Nuts like almonds, walnuts and peanuts can reduce cholesterol, but be careful to take them in limited quantities that it can improve your weight because of the high calorie stages.

Olive oil with antioxidants that can reduce bad cholesterol without touching the good cholesterol. Garlic has an active role in reducing bad cholesterol; Just boil a piece of garlic in a glass of milk and drink. Also, drink water boiled with coriander in it can be taken regularly to reduce cholesterol. A cocktail of apple juice and grape juice with apple vinegar can be helpful in reducing cholesterol and purifies blood.

Sunflower seeds and sunflower oil reduces cholesterol and improves blood flow. Onion is another remedy to improve blood circulation, purifies the blood and also to reduce cholesterol. Holy Basil has the ability to resolve the accumulated cholesterol and expel it through the kidneys. Fenugreek is another seasoning reducing bad cholesterol without affecting good. It can also reduce blood sugar.

Hawthorn berries had been used for a while as a remedy for heart disease. The tea from it is used in China as a heart tonic. Peanut butter can be helpful here but watch out if you are overweight. Wine in moderate amounts can help heart. Broccoli is heart healthy nutrients rich in calcium and chicken can provide you with the requirements of vitamin B6. Folic acid in spinach can help prevent heart disease.

Strawberry rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium are good for the heart. Heart protecting nutrient vitamin is found in sweet potatoes. Egg yolk is also known to reduce cholesterol levels. Soybean is also helpful in reducing cholesterol and promotes heart health and is red yeast rice.

As in other diseases healthy life style is the main requirement to ward of disease and achieve premium health. Healthy and nutritious food, fresh fruits, vegetables and green leafy vegetables and enough water to flush out toxins from the body is essential. Fried and fatty foods, processed foods and fast foods should be completely avoided because it is not good and so should alcohol and smoking. Regular exercise can keep the body healthy. Changing your lifestyle to get rid of lifestyle diseases.

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